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Best of 2022

Screw the Oscars, screw the MTV awards, screw Rolling Stone and the CMA, here is Shite’n’Onions best of 2022 list. The only list that matters.


A full force Céilí romp and possibly the most authentic trad sound I’ve ever heard coming out of any Celtic punk band.


 As good as anything the big boys are doing


Barney still has a voice that could strip paint at 50 feet


Their most Celtic-sounding album with an almost Seán Ó Riada style Celtic orchestration


Something you can’t fake. 


This is real blue-collar rock’n’roll with the authenticity you can only get from someone who actually works hard for a living.


 Beautiful – musically, lyrically, and sounding

Best album to piss off your neighbors with:


And on this one, the bagpipes go up to 11.

Best vanity project (just kidding) album:


Dropkick Murphys ode to Woody Guthrie

Best punk supergroup album:


Fast, powerful punk rock with great melodies, kind of like, well,…………Hüsker Dü

If there was an justice these guys would be huge album:


Back to Zero, is really great rock’n’roll and an album I suspect I’ll be listening to for a long time into the future.

Sir Reg: Kings of Sweet Feck All

Kings of Sweet Feck All, is the seventh album from Swedish/Irish Celtic-punkster, SIR REG. I’m happy to report that Sweet Feck All continues in the tradition of previous REG releases – energetic trad-punk in the vein of early Flogging Molly (for want of a comparison) – vocalist Brendan Sheehy has a singing style reminiscent of fell Dub, Dave King, while Brendan’s lyrics are pure Dublineese – something you can’t fake. 

Kings of Sweet Feck All is a great album of straight ahead Celtic-punk – fast, high energy with strong melodies across all 11 songs. Highlights include, The Coming Regime – my favorite track. The Story’s Been Told, about Dublin in the dreary 1980s (something I can attest to) and the pure Celtic-punk (and anti-lockdown) of, Open The Pubs, and, Goodbye To Your Freedom. A very recommended release.


St. Patrick’s Day Podcast

Your virus free podcast from Shite’n’Onions.


Neck – Every Day’s St Patrick’s Day
The Skels – Have A Drink Ya Bastards
Black 47 – Green Suede Shoes
The Muckers – Let’s All Go To The Bar
BibleCodeSundays – Drinking All Day
Sons Of O’Flaherty – Dead and Gone
The Rumjacks – An Irish Pub song
The Mahones – Shakespeare Road
Big Bad Bollocks – Guinness
Bodh’aktan – Black Velvet Band Featuring Paddy Moloney
Charm City Saints – Dicey Riley
Bill Grogan’s Goat – The Galway Races
Jackdaw – Come out you Black And Tans
The Pourmen – Too Old To Die Young
Murshee Durkin – The Pogues & Whiskey
The Woods Band – Finnegan’s Wake
Irish Whispa – Bold O’Donohue
Pat Chessell – The Mother-in-Law
Greenland Whalefishers – Joe’s Town
The Tossers – St Patrick’s Day
Sharky Doyles – Everybody’s Irish
Kilkenny Knights – Dance!
The Gobshites – Alcohol
Horslips – The High Reel
Horslips – Dearg Doom
Kilmaine Saints – Foggy Dew
The Bucks – Psycho Ceiled In Claremorris
Blood Or Whiskey – Follow Me up to Carlow-Holt’s Way
The Peelers – A1A FLA
The Electrics – Seventeen Bottles Of Porter
Sir Reg – Stereotypical Drunken Feckin’ Irish Song
The Templars Of Doom – Mamma Weer All Crazee Now

Sir Reg – Arlington Arts Centre, Berkshire, England (October 2018)

The Arlington Arts centre is in the wilds of rural Berkshire, southern England. Not the most easily accessible of venues but one with great sound, lovely staff and one that isn’t shy of booking eclectic bands. Tonight was no exception; the Neil Brophy Band and Sweden’s finest, Sir Reg- both on the final night of their 11 date UK tour.

We’d taken our eleven year old son. He’s a veteran of the Celtic music scene for one so young; having seen Dropkick Murphys at Brixton Academy, Christy Moore, Tidelines and Ferocious Dog as well as having the Biblecode Sundays and the Lagan play in his living room! I mention this because he hates support acts. Hates ‘em. Just wants them to go away so the main act can hit the stage. He made an exception for the Neil Brophy Band who opened with Nice to Know, a tale of an emigre English troubadour returning to his home town after years abroad. Other stand outs from this Copenhagen based band included tales of Viking ghost ships, London boozers and the joys of being a musical gypsy. Drums, bass, mandolin, acoustic guitar, banjo, whistles and pipes all made for a full sound married to catchy lyrics and infectious enthusiasm. A great opening act and one which we will try to catch in the future. Their new album, True Stories is definitely worth seeking out.

Sir Reg hit the stage with their trademark high energy- a full-on Celtic punk assault which might have un-nerved some of the more folksy patrons of Arlington Arts. But you can’t not love Sir Reg. Sing along choruses, a perfect mix of fast punky tunes like new track The Underdogs sitting alongside quiet, slower more heartfelt numbers such as the brilliant All Saints Day. It’s always interesting to see a band who have a new album to promote as sometimes the gig can be a load of songs with which the audience are unfamiliar. Sir Reg got the balance right. New tracks were given an airing, like instrumental Cairbre, an ode to the MGN lion but older tracks like Emigrate were also thrown into the mix. The band were also very tolerant of fans like us shouting song requests at them- a request that resulted in a spirited rendition of Drinking like a Dane. They even managed to get the crowd singing along to The Wrong Bar- their brilliant cautionary tale of being so smashed that you confuse a church for a pub that saw Sir Reg joined on stage by the Neil Brophy band.

All in all, a top night. Great songs from two great bands. Looking forward to seeing them both again in the near future.

Neil Bates

October 2018

Sir Reg: The Underdogs

February 10, 2019

Wow is this really the sixth album from Sweden’s Sir Reg? They still seem like the spunky new guys on the block. Maybe it’s because they are still hammering out Celtic-punk at a neck-breaking speed with no sign of slowing down or ‘maturing’, just playing like that proverbial underdog’s bollox. The Underdogs is all everything we know and love Sir Reg for; the aforementioned fast as feck yet melodic Celtic-punk but also a lyrical wit so sharp it could kick the eye out of a maggot that only a true Dub could produce.

Various ‎– Raise Your Pints Vol.2 (MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio)

September 17, 2017

Tracks on compilation albums are like friends. You can find good friends like Sir Reg, Greenland Whalefishers and The Go Set. There are friends you have lost touch with and need to reconnect with – The Porters, The Killigans and Kilkenny Knights. Friends that you need to get to know better – Mickey Rickshaw and Hoist the Colors and of course friends that you haven’t met until now. Raise Your Pints – Vol.2 is a very good compilation and if you want to know what is going on in the European scene the MacSlon is the man.

Tracks list:

1 The Rogues from County Hell – MacSlon’s
2 The Cloves and the Tobacco – Too Much Trouble
3 Kilkenny Knights – Mick Watson
4 Irish Stew Of Sindidun – One Way Ticket
5 The Killigans – From The Underground
6 The Mullins – 9 To 5
7 The Go Set – Holdfast
8 The O’Reillys & The Paddyhats – Sign Of The Fighter
9 Billy Treacy – Temple Bar
10 Sir Reg – All Saints’ Day
11 Hoist The Colours – Mourners
12 Mickey Rickshaw – Nonprofit Warfare
13 Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards – I Only Got One Pint
14 Paddy and the Rats – Lonely Hearts’ Boulevard
15 BalticSeaChild – Fool In The Rain
16 Drink Hunters – Celtic Punks
17 Airs & Graces – 4 Corners
18 The Moorings – Drink Up Fast
19 The Porters – Son Of This Town
20 The Clan – Horns Up And Fight
21 Greenland Whalefishers – The Letter


Sir Reg: Modern Day Disgrace

June 15, 2016

Modern Day Disgrace is the fourth full length from Swedish (and Dub fronted) Celtic-punks Sir Reg. Sir Reg are one of the leaders of the new wave of Celtic-punk and are very much snapping at the heals of the original scenesters (that’s you Flogging Molly). No surprises on Modern Day Disgrace when compared to the bands previous albums – and that’s a good thing – head banging speed Celtic punk with a strong Flogging Molly influence. The album kicks off with three new classics End of the Line, Boys of St. Pauli and Drinking Like a Dane and continues through till they Call it a Day. Special mention to Dubliners influenced “The Wrong Bar” – Luke and Ronnie would be proud of yea lads and the afore mentioned Boys of St. Pauli which will be ripping up jigpits from Stockholm to Solna and Södertälje shortly. Highly recommended.

SIR REG: 21st Century Loser

May 26, 2013

21st Century Loser is the 3rd full length release from Swedish-Irish Celtic-punk band SIR REG. And as with the prior two releases from Sir Reg, 21st Century Loser is 12 tracks of first class, balls to the wall Celtic-punk. Dublin born Brendan Sheehy fronts the band and his singing voice is more than a little similar to fellow Dub, Dave King of Flogging Molly. What sets SIR REG apart from the Celtpunk masses is the authenticity of the subject matter of the bands lyrics that deal with the current state of the Irish economy and the greed of the Celtic Tiger era that caused the implosion of the country and the band don’t pull any punches as to who’ fault it is for the whole bag’o’shite.

Sir Reg: A Sign Of The Times

October 25, 2011

I’m not sure if the FLOGGING MOLLY comparison are starting to bug the folks at SIR REG, but truth be said, A SIGN OF THE TIMES, sounds more like FLOGGING MOLLY then FLOGGING MOLLY does these days. Dubliner, Brendan Sheehy’s accent, vocals and pitch sound so like fellow Dubliner, Dave King, that it’s scary and the rest of SIR REG can knock out a racked as good as anything Flogging Molly has done – fast, trashy, jig punk and all done with a drunken smile on their collective faces. Compared to the very fine, FECK THE CELIC TIGER, Sir Reg’s last album that we just reviewed here on the hollowed html of Shite’n’Onions, it’s a even a step up on that, the band are tighter and the songs more finely crafted. Highly recommended.

Sir Reg: Sir Reg

October 18, 2011

Sir Reg is a new one to me. Heard the name float about a bit, John Bowles @ Paddyrock gave them a best of 2010 for their debut Sir Reg . I know they are Swedish. The band sent me on a copy of Feck a little while back. The title was the first thing that impressed me – it pretty much sums up the Irish attitude to life these days – pretty good observation from Swede’s.

I give the album a 1st listen to on the train home from work – as expect on an initial listen good Euro-Celtic punk, I get distracted and fade out of the music, the music wasn’t having any of my distraction and soon I thinking WOW the new Flogging Molly sounds really good, a real return to form – then reality hits me like a can of Red Bull bouncing off my head – I’m not listening to Flogging Molly but some Swedish crowd and bhoy can the singer ape Dave Kings vocals and accent – crap he sounds like he came kicking and screaming into life at the Rotunda Hospital at the top of Dublin’s O’Connell street. A little research later and I discover the singer has a good Irish name – Brendan Sheey – and did come kicking and screaming into the world in either the Rotunda or The Coombe or one of the other maternity hospitals in Dublin. Easily the find of the year, even if we are a year late. Good news is that a new album is out soon – A Sign Of The Times – and I already have an advance copy!!!!