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Wild Colonial Bhoys: Remote Ruaille Buaille

Wild Colonial Bhoys are the long running Celtic-rock outfit from the frozen wastes of Minnesota. Remote Ruaille Buaille is the bands sixth (I think) full length studio album though, Remote Ruaille Buaille was recorded remotely as opposed to strictly in the studio given the pandemic situation – hence the title. Musically the WCBs are straight ahead Celtic-rock with an excellent command of both the traditional and rock sides of the equation. The album is a mix of originals and standard. Remote Ruaille Buaille is a very solid release and helps the band continue to build their reputation as the best Celtic-rock band in the midwest. My favorite tracks include the traditional, Homes of Donegal, Ewan MacCall and Luke Kelly’s, School Days Over, the originals, Tragedy At Duffy’s Cut (more on Duffy’s Cut here) and Aoife.


Wild Colonial Bhoys: On Our Own

January 23, 2016

I’m way over due on writing a review of On Our Own, so apologies to the Wild Colonial Bhoys for my tardiness – that said I’ve played a ton of stuff from On Our Own on the podcast so I don’t feel too guilty. On Our Own is the third full-length release from the Twin Cities based band. On or Own is a first class album of Irish-American fiddle rock. Reminiscing of Lexington FieldBlaggards and Flogging Molly (though while not a punk as Flogging Molly WCB can keep up to the speed and energy). Check out Falling Through The Cracks, The Last Hurrah or Smell the Roses they won’t disappoint, promise.