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The Templars Of Doom: Hovels Of The Holy

Hovels of the Holy is the 2nd full length release by Ulster county NY’s Templars of Doom. Similar in style to the bands debut, which I believe, I described as old school punk with kilts and bagpipes (and if I didn’t, I should have). The album itself is a mix of originals, including the stand out Tattooed Covered Hag and H-Block Escape, traditional and rebel songs as well as inspired covers of the Ramones, Chinese Rock and Slade’s, Mamma Weer All Crazee Now. Very enjoyable. The album is available on CD and vinyl (and I really love the album sleeve as painted by band basses Michael X Rose)



The Templars of Doom: Bring Me the Head of John the Baptist

September 19, 2017

There is a demented genius to the The Templars of Doom. Raising from the ashes of Alternative Ulster, the Ulster county, New York, four piece play unapologetic raw PUNK rock overlaid with highland pipes. There is nothing subtle on Bring Me the Head of John the Baptist, it’s the musical equivalent of been hit with a caber. Check out the The Oliver Cromwell Twist if you don’t believe me. Not for everyone but I like it a lot.