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Calico Street Riots – 3 Track Demo

June 3, 2010

This is an unusual collection. From the London/Kent areas of England, come Calico Street Riots with their three-track Demo. The strange part being just how different the two styles present here really are.

Opener “A Pint And A Fight” is a toothsome, fast-paced ode to a workingman’s weekend venting. Distorted guitar and rapid-fire drums seem only egged-on by some manic accordion as the song kicks its way in, makes its point, and escapes, all in under two minutes!

I think I know what to expect now as the following track begins. After a moment of disorientation, (and a quick check to see if an entirely separate band’s song snuck its way into my playlist,) I remember that the Calico Street Riots’ Demo is just that, a demo, and I take the musical 180° in stride.

The songs DO vary greatly however, with “Long Time Dead” and “Going Home” being less smash & grab and a bit more, what? Artistic? Certainly more atmospheric. Lyrics are more descriptive and thoughtful, and the instruments have more space to stretch out and be heard. I could mention the production value, but this is a demo, (I keep reminding myself,) and production is not the top of the priorities list.

With two distinctly different approaches happening on this one, 3-tracker, I am tempted to make comparisons between them. But if pressed, I don’t know if I could choose which I prefer. They are different, for sure, but equally enjoyable.

According to the Calico Street Fights’ MySpace page, the young five-piece band, (comprised of vocals, fiddle, bass, accordion, and guitar,) are in the midst of adjusting their line-up. With such internal changes and new material forthcoming, it will be interesting to see which direction the band will follow, as it continues to define itself.

Review by Christopher P. Toler, THE Blathering Gommel