The Nogoodnix: Pub Punk United

On a scale of Folk to Punk the Nogoodnix hit a Punk 9 and a Folk 1. Formally a red mohawked, union jack (???) clad punk band called the Trauma School Dropouts they reinvented themselves in ‘99 as a ‘Pub Punx’ band. Musically the band plays really good Clash/77 style punk with an infusion of Irish/Pub Rock – actually the remind me a lot of The Real McKenzie’s (w/out the bagpipes). My big problem with this CD though is the ‘Darby O’Gill’ vocals that singer Duane Beer seems to slip into on the more Irish oriented numbers – Duane Beer is a really great punk vocalist who’s voice really carries the punk tracks but when he breaks into the ‘Lucky Charm’s’ voice it just doesn’t work. All the same a really good CD – outstanding tracks include: the mid temp ‘Angelina’, the punk rock of ‘Untimely Blessings’, ‘Wrong Again’ and ‘Every Now And Then’. ‘Piss On Luck’ with its Louie Armstrong introduction that then charges into Clash style punk.

July 2001