Three Day Threshold – Good Country Gone Terribly, Terribly Bad

September 12, 2012

(S’n’O) So who are Three Day Threshold?

Kier Byrnes Three Day Threshold was formed in 1996 when I moved down from New Hampshire to the city. Over the years, we’ve gone through some lineup changes as well as musical changes. We wobble back and forth between Celtic, Country, Americana, Gypsy and Punk, depending on who’s playing and how we are feeling that day. We have been gigging 50-100 gigs a year since then. Last month, The Noise Magazine (New England’s oldest running music magazine) called us the longest running active local band. We plan to drop down to about 30 shows this year though.

(S’n’O) What inspired the formation of the band?

Kier Byrnes I just saw a need for it, for myself creatively to get out the songs I had stuck in my head and because at the time I didn’t see a whole lot of people out there doing what I wanted to do.

(S’n’O) Describe your sound (and influences)?

Kier Byrnes I’m heavily influenced by my travels. I’ve been lucky enough to make it to 48 of the 50 states and about 19 countries internationally. Everywhere I go I’d like to think I pick something up.

(S’n’O) What going on with the band right now (recording, touring etc)?

Kier Byrnes Ha, that’s tough to say. It’s a rebuilding year for the band; we are writing new tunes and exploring different musical collaborations. I got a lot of stuff going on outside of music, like a wife and a baby on the way too. That one is a biggie. Totally changes the way you think.

(S’n’O) What song in you catalog best defines your sound (and why)?
“My Favorite Titty Bar” is a new one we really like a lot reflecting some of the new styles of the band.

Kier Byrnes “Pub with No Beer” is a great blend of high energy Celtic rock and it’s a song we like to end our sets with; especially at last call.

(S’n’O) Soapbox – anything you’d like to say?
Nah, short and sweet, today. Thanks for thinking of us and good luck!


Kier Byrnes & Friends: Blarney – A Compilation of Celtic Music

March 10, 2017

Just in time for Paddy’s days comes Kier Byrnes & Friends with their take on some of your favorite traditional drinking and fighting tunes. Most of you will know Kier from his long-running Boston based alt-country band Three Day Threshold (check out Pub with no Beer on Shite’n’Onions Vol. 2). Blarney sees Kier hang up the stetson in favor of a fisherman’s cap in the very best Liam Clancy tradition to give us something best described as Alt-Celtic-America.

Three Day Threshold: Lost in Belgium

‘Lost in Belgium’ is a warts ‘n all live document of Boston based Country/Celtic punks, Three Day Threshold, recent tour of Europe’s low countries. Recorded over 2 nights on 2 stereo mics set up in the same corner of the same club, this is raw, un-dubbed, no frills Rock’n’Roll – “Live and Dangerous” this ain’t*. I would say the best way to experience 3DT is live in person but if you can’t get the opportunity to see ’em live then ‘Lost in Belgium’ will give you a taste of the experience.
*Thin Lizzy’s classic but heavily overdubbed in the studio “live album”.

February 2008

Three Day Threshold: Against the Grain

“Against The Grain” is TDT’s 3rd full length release and being well familiar with all 3 I can easily say ATG is clearly their best and most ‘mature’ release to date and when I say ‘mature’ I don’t mean it in a bad way (though I usually do). Long time fans needn’t despair with this new found maturity either ‘cos ATG is still loaded with high speedy trashy country meets Irish but it’s really went things slow down that the music picks up – think if Johnny Cash had live long enough to make America VI – yeah that good.


Shite’n’Onions: What the Shite

What can I say really? Unless you’re dead, there’s no real reason not to own this compilation… S’n’O II contains some of the best up and coming Celt-Punk (Or whatever) bands out there. Some of them you may know, and some of them you probably won’t. Containing 20 tracks from 18 of the best bands of the “genre” What The Shite is pretty much the ultimate mix tape ever. I seriously haven’t been able to finish any other reviews because this bad boy won’t leave my CD player. (Trust me, that IS saying something.) To say the least, I was surprised (and proud) when S’n’O Volume I came out. Ol’ Murph certianly had an ace card up his sleeve for that one. Shite’n’Onions Volume II is even better! An effin’ royal flush, folks!

Track One is called “Drunken Sailor” & it comes from the Blaggards. You might have heard the song “Drunken Sailor” before, but within two seconds of hearing this version you’ll agree this is one of the better versions out there. (Shay Given approved)

Up next is “Hogjaw” from Jackdaw. it’s a damn same I live so far away from these guys, because from what I’ve heard, Jackdaw’s live show will blow the roof off. Turn up the volume to 11 if you’d like an instant skylight for your home.

Three’s a charm, as they say. The Go Set hails from the shores of Australia, and instantly became of of my favorite bands, and “Sing Me A Song” is a great example. If you like DKM’s “Do Or Die”, you’ll love this!

Track 4 is reserved for The Kissers – “Kicked In The Head” Less than a week ago, The Kissers came through town, and all night long I screamed at the top of my lungs “You Bastards! Play Kicked In The Head!!!” As I’m sure anyone within 5 blocks could tell you that night, I’m a big fan of the song. I’m an even bigger fan of the band, even if their squeezebox player beat me at pool… (The table was crooked.)

Number 5 is for all those Cow-Punks out there. “Pub With No Beer” by Boston’s own, Three Day Threshold. What do they sound like you ask? Just imagine a drunken paddy punk with a boombox on his shoulder atop a galloping horse in full stride across the wild west trying find a sixpack before the pubs close outta do it…

Track 6: “Plastic Paddy” is also on “Liquordale” by The Peelers. it’s also S’n’o’s pick for 2004’s album of the year, and rightfully so, Let me guess, I no longer need to convince you any longer right?

On track number 7 there’s a song called “Blackheart” by Jugopunch. To be honest, I haven’t heard them before. So just so you know, I too will be purchasing an album from them. Wanna race?

Tracks 8 & 9 contain a 1-2 punch courtesy of Larkin. The left jab is called “My Day Of Reckoning” and the right upper cut is called “The Devil & I” If you’re a Southpaw, I apologize, just switch it around a bit! I think I can safely say that Larkin are atop the favs list here at S’n’O land.

Track 10 and 11 are from Mutiny. Aka: “Folk Punk For Punk Folk” If you’d like to hear some Aussie folk-punk with a slight case of scurvy, I highly reccomend listening to both “Struggle Town” & this unreleased version of “Drigging for Gold” All you scallywags out there will love ’em both.

12. The Gobshites – “Cheers” Do me a favor… get this album, go down to your local public house press the play button, grab a pint, hold it high, & cheer your mates. The Gobshites are playing, & good times are here!

Track 13 belongs to The Town Pants and their song “The Weight Of Words” I found out about The Town Pants from this very website, (Thanks, Murph!) The Town Pants recently released their best album to date, and this song is just a sample of what else is to come from a band I joking like to call “The Country Shorts” My god, that was just horrible…

#14 is IcewagonFlu’s “Trinity” not only do they provide the cover art folks, The multitasking Icewagon Flu also write some of the catchiest tunes this side of the pond. if you’re not dancing to this one, you don’t have a pulse.

Track 15. McGillicuddys “On The Rocks” The song isn’t excatly the newest track on the album, (2002) but who the hell cares, these guys are timeless. In fact, I’d love to hear another album from them soon. Check ’em out and get in line.

#16. Another band I need to hear more of are the Sharkey Doyles. “Kings Of The One Eleven” is a great introduction to a band I’ve been hearing alot about.

Track 17 comes to us all the way from England. “The Ballad Of Ali Abbas” from Warblefly. Let me tell you, I have all their albums, and can’t get enough of these guys. Top notch music, and without question, one of the best bands out there. A must have.

Track 18. The Pubcrawlers have come a long way. I remember hearing their demo a few years ago, and made a note to myself to keep an eye out for them. “My Brother Sylveste” proves to me that The Pubcrawlers have evolved into one of the best examples of Celt-Core out there…

Number 19. The Porters will make your jaw drop. German streetpunk covered from head to toe in Guinness. “Weila Weila” gets my vote for best sing-along of the album. If you enjoy this track wait until you hear “A Tribute To Arthur Guinness”

20. I was so excited to hear Barney Murray was making music again. The former lead singer of Blood Or Whiskey has returned to form with the previously unreleased “Troublesome Girl” I hope to hear from Barney, but I’ll take what I can get and be more than happy about it.

So there you have it. Shite’n’Onions Volume II – What The Shite… Look for it in your local record store, or better yet order it directly from the source.


Review By “Barnacle” Brian Gillespie

Three Day Threshold: Behind The Barn

I’m going to keep this review short as I recently reviewed their excellent precursor 4-track demo (For the Southern Belles of South Boston – April ’02. I think I called’em the Beverly Hills Hillbillies bastard Boston cousin or something to this effect). For those who don’t know or can’t bother their arse to check back to that review Three Day Threshold play moonshine inspired, turbo charged, banjo infused American Rock’n’Roll Country music with a bullhorn thrown in for good effect. Compared to the demo the full-length is longer (obviously) with 13 tracks, the sound is A+ (expected) and the songs are bloody good (and highly original.) A good buy.

February 2003

Three Day Threshold: For the Southern Belles of South Boston (Demo)

These guys sound a hell of a lot like the bastard son’s of the Beverly Hill’s Hill Billies or their South Boston cousins at least. “For the Southern Belles of South Boston” is a four track demo of to quote the title of the second song pure “Rock’n’Roll Country Music” – manic banjo’s, trashy rock’n’roll and slightly demented bullhorn vocals. If Johnny Cash or Hank Williams were starting out today this is what they would probably sound like and certainly not like that crud that call’s itself country music these days.

April 2002