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Aiden Crossey: Where Old Ghosts Meet

I’m a little embarrassed here; I’ve been sitting on “Where Old Ghosts Meet” for almost 6 months. Why? Because I felt I didn’t have the depth or knowledge of pure traditional Irish music to write a proper review. Sure I can fake it with a ballad group but with a collection of the purest Jigs and Reels (and the occasional Song and Waltz) I’m stuck, and the sad thing is I had every opportunity to be exposed to some of the best trad music around (many of the teachers in my school were serious players and people like banjo player, Eamon Coyne (http://www.eamonncoyne.com/) were a few years ahead of me) but of course I was more interested in Iron Maiden and the like.

Aiden Crossey is a former Belfast punk from back in the day and now a long time London resident – a former member of one of Neck’s early line up’s. “Where Old Ghosts Meet” is sixteen tracks of serious traditional Jigs and Reels broken up by poems and songs. Now if you’ve just discovered Irish music through Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys and you’d like to explore it more then I’d recommend you check out greatest hits packages by either the Clancy’s or The Dubliners but if you really want to explore the richness of pure traditional music you won’t go wrong with “Where Old Ghosts Meet” (and it’s all done with a punk D.I.Y. spirit.)

July 2004