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Nivola: The Easy EP

Nivola (sounds like a bloody girlie shampoo eh?) are a 3 piece indie rock band from Bray, Co. Wicklow Ireland. The dirtiest town in Ireland, or so they claim, but that’s a disputed title if ever there was one. In the short period of time the band have been together (8 months or so) they’ve managed to make it out to the Whisky-a-go-go in LA and supported Brooks Waterman of Bad Religion and produce this excellent demo. “The Easy EP” is 3 tracks of old school alternative rock, huge slabs of sonic guitars juxtaposition with some laid back jazz sounds and powerful vocals – the kind of stuff that used to come out of Ireland so regularly before the Celtic Tiger came along a gave birth to a bunch of bastard boy-band cubs. Maybe this is the start of the cull.

March 2004