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Bat Kinane: A Lifetime to Kill

December 15, 2010

Wicklow mountain man (Ballyknockan to be exact and damn proud of it), Bat Kinane takes time out from his hard rockin’ outfit Glyder to record and now release his first solo CD. Taking a wide departure from the Thin Lizzy-ish hard rock sounds of Glyder, Bat presents a very introspective collections of very personal songs that takes in rock, blues and folk. Highlights include the Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired “Voodoo Bones”, the Rory Gallagher tribute “Stagestruck 74” and the Celtic-blues influenced “The Intrepid Fox”. If you can tell the quality of a person by their friends then you can tell the quality of a musician by those who chose to guest on their releases and in this case its very high class. Irish blues legend Rob Strong, Gerry McEvoy, Rory’s loyal side man for 20 years plays on “Stagestruck 74”, Dave Roe, Johnny Cash’s bass player for 10 years and legendary Irish guitarist and fiddler Pat “The Professor” MacManus. Class indeed.