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Lancaster County Prison: Every Goddamn Time

There are 3 reasons to buy “Every Goddamn Time”, the newest CD from NYC’s (the outer boroughs) Lancaster County Prison and 1 reason not.

Reasons to buy:
1. LCP are the loudest, most rocking, outlaw Country’n’Irish’Punk band to ever strap on a banjo and plug into a Marshall stack and “Every Goddamn Time” does justice to that tradition. This is loud, raw, shit kicking country with a nod to the Ramones and Motorhead. I honestly believe LCP are truly closer in spirit to the late Johnny Cash then any of those mullet wearing, music by numbers clowns presented to us as country these days.

2. This is the nearest thing to something new from Shane MacGowan in a long time. Shane shares vocals on 4 tracks (plus a hidden bonus track) and co-wrote one of them (“Satan is Waiting”). Shane is in decent voice and particularly strong on “The Town I Love So Well”.

3. LCP are the ultimate anti-boy band. Sick of pretty boys with slick dance moves. LCP are the perfect antidote.

Reasons not:
1. Your Justin Timberfake. Did anyone else think it was hilarious when he got bottled when playing with AC/DC, I suppose he should count himself lucky he was in Canada, the Brits piss in the bottles before they chuck’em.

September 2003