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Mischief Brew: Bacchanal’n’Philadelphia

April 10, 2016

Bit of a blast from the past here. Bacchanal’n’Philadelphia is the remastered, reissue of the earliest two recordings by Mischief Brew – six tracks are from Bellingham & Philadelphia” (the split LP with Robert Blake) and the five tracks from the Bakenal EP. This is pure campfire and tinnies acoustic folk-punk – powerful, melodic and biting. Check out Every Town Will Celebrate, I think you’ll like. Folk the system……indeed.

And every town will celebrate someday
Waving sweatshop flags and grande lattes
Wearing culture on their backs
Wearing spirit on their hats
One by one they’ll join the parade and celebrate
Yeah, every town will celebrate someday

Mischief Brew: Smash the Windows

Mischief Brew’s ‘Smash the Windows’ is a first class release if ever I heard one. Americana-Folk-Punk. Think, Tom Waits meets Bob Dylan. Stripped down and raw. As authentic as it gets. The musical equivalent of a case of dynamite but just a touch more dangerous.