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Black Star Riders: Another State of Grace

Some classic hard rock here for yah. Black Star Raiders have their roots in iconic Irish rockers, Thin Lizzy. BSR started life as a post Lynott touring version of Thin Lizzy, until the band then decided to write new material and did not feel it was right to put it out under the Thin Lizzy brand (the absolute right decision in my book). Black Star Riders are fronted by Belfast man Ricky Warwick, a rocker and poet in the mold of the late Phil Lynott. The guitar harmonies are pure Lizzy with one half of the BSR guitar duo being long time Lizzy legend, Scott Gorham. Fans of Celtic-rock will love the title track, Another State of Grace, which rocks out like Lizzy’s Emerald. Fans of classy, guitar driven hard rock will just love this. 



Ricky Warwick: Tattoos and Alibis

Irish born, Scottish raised, Ricky Warwick is the former front man of 80’s metal band, The Almighty. The Almighty looked tough and sounded tougher. A mix of Motorhead, AC/DC and SLF. The big problem with The Almighty was that they were signed to a major label over in the UK, who put constant pressure on them for “the hit”, diluting what could have being one of the great metal bands and when the hits didn’t come, The Almighty were given the short shift and told to eff’ off

Tattoos and Alibis is Ricky’s first solo effort and it’s stripped down acoustic root’s rock, kind of like Mike Ness on “Cheating at Solitaire” – all steel guitars, whiskey bottles, gruff vocals and broken hearts. Unfortunately, the big problem here again is the eff’ing A&R guy whispering in Ricky’s ear, “We need a hit.”

July 2004