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The Saw Doctors: Live in Galway

It’s a risky proposition when a band with a reputation as an exceptional concert act decides to release a live album. Will the dynamics transfer onto CD? Will the audience participation and enthusiasm contribute to or detract from the recording? Having had the privilege of seeing the Saw Doctors in concert at roughly the same time as receiving this CD I must conclude that the live show is preferable to the live CD but not by much. Touching on all of their popular songs, LIVE IN GALWAY’s home audience is probably most familiar with the songs of the Saw Doctors. In addition to the crowd’s approval and familiarity with the songs, lead singer Davy Carton appears to be equally stoked and enjoying the event. His good-natured giggling escapes throughout the show, particularly in the opening tracks “N17,” “To Win Just Once” and “Bless me Father” indicating that this band truly enjoys performing and appreciates their fans. Noticeably absent are any selections from their most recent studio album VILLAINS? For some reason that album didn’t seem to connect with the same passion as earlier recordings. As usual guitarist Leo Moran carries the tunes with his nonchalant yet deft style of playing. Making his recording debut on bass guitar is new member and ex-Waterboy Anthony Thistlethwaite. With clear and well-balanced sound this CD is indeed the next best thing to being there

March 2004

Review By Dave Sleger