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Polkaholics: Six-Pack

This six song EP is the fourth independent release by this Chicago trio. It’s comprised of previously unreleased material performed in the unmistakable and unapologetic punk/polka style of the Polkaholics. Heavy on electric guitars and 2/4 rhythm, this ain’t no joke. The punk and roadhouse adaptation of traditional and original polkas have become their trademark and surprisingly they’ve endeared themselves to mainstream polka fans as well as punk and alternative rock fans. Guitarist Don Hedeker and friends are rapidly making a name for themselves throughout the Midwest and beyond. To sum up their sound imagine the Ramones performing “Who Stole the Kishka,” “Happy Wanderer” and “In Heaven There Is No Beer” on just guitar, bass and drums. Yeah, this is polka but it’s rock & roll as well. Like Brave Combo, the Polkaholics will shatter all narrow, preconceived notions dealing with polka’s inherent “un-hipness.”

March 2004

Review By Dave Sleger