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Continental: Hello

Hello, is the fourth (or fifth?) full-length album by New England based Continental. Fronted by Boston punk legend, Rick Barton, along with his brother, David Alex Barton, formerly of The Outlets. Rick was a founding member of the Dropkick Murphy, playing guitar on their legendary albums, Do or Die, and, The Gangs All Here. Like The Outlets, Continental is a family affair as Rick is joined by son Stephen Barton on Bass as well as drummer Andrew Dickson and Paul Yu on lead guitar. Continental play punk-influenced rock’n’roll. The Clash is an obvious influence but I hear the melodies of the Beatles, the sleaze of the Rolling Stones, and the pop sensibility of Cheap Trick along side some dirty blues guitar. Continental is a very fine band and Hello is a fine album that deserves your attention.


Best of 2022

Screw the Oscars, screw the MTV awards, screw Rolling Stone and the CMA, here is Shite’n’Onions best of 2022 list. The only list that matters.


A full force Céilí romp and possibly the most authentic trad sound I’ve ever heard coming out of any Celtic punk band.


 As good as anything the big boys are doing


Barney still has a voice that could strip paint at 50 feet


Their most Celtic-sounding album with an almost Seán Ó Riada style Celtic orchestration


Something you can’t fake. 


This is real blue-collar rock’n’roll with the authenticity you can only get from someone who actually works hard for a living.


 Beautiful – musically, lyrically, and sounding

Best album to piss off your neighbors with:


And on this one, the bagpipes go up to 11.

Best vanity project (just kidding) album:


Dropkick Murphys ode to Woody Guthrie

Best punk supergroup album:


Fast, powerful punk rock with great melodies, kind of like, well,…………Hüsker Dü

If there was an justice these guys would be huge album:


Back to Zero, is really great rock’n’roll and an album I suspect I’ll be listening to for a long time into the future.

Dropkick Murphys: Okemah Rising

It’s not only Woody from the movie Toy Story who had squeal. The Dropkick Murphys are giving Americas favorite fokie, Woody Guthrie, a squeal with a follow up to, This Machine Still Kills Fascists, titled, Okemah Rising. The album features guest performances by folk punk pioneers Violent Femmes, Jesse Ahern from Quincy, Mass., and Jamie Wyatt. Okemah Rising comes out May 12 on CD, LP and on streaming services worldwide.


Dropkick Murphy: This Machine Still Kills Fascists

This Machine Kills Fascists is the famous 1940s slogan written on the guitar of America’s folk poet, Woody Guthrie (1912 – 1967). This Machine Still Kills Fascists, is the Dropkick Murphys ode to Woody. Of course, most of you will know ,Shipping Up To Boston, the Dropkick Murphys crossover ‘”hit”, popular with punks, skins, Celts and soccer moms was originally a Woody Guthrie song.

The Dropkick Murphys were approached by Woody’s family to do an album based on Woody’s unpublished lyrics and hence we have, This Machine Still Kills Fascists. The Murphys here have stuck to Woody’s acoustic tradition but just a wee bit harder in the style of, Boys On The Docks.

Honestly, this is a solid album with a few fillers. There is some great stuff like, the low down and dirty, Cadillac, Cadillac. Where Trouble Is At, is reminiscent of Peace & Love era Pogues. Dig A Hole, features Woody Guthrie himself. Talking Jukebox, is like slowed down surf punk and Ten Times More, is that chant along/shout along style we love so much from the Murphys. There are a couple of somewhat dull tracks such as, Waters Are A’Rising, but all in all it’s a great concept for an album.


Dropkick Murphys: Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

The Dropkick Murphys and the Ryman Auditorium are two things I would never have expected to collide. Now, you all know who the Dropkick Murphys are if you are reading Shite’n’Onions. The Ryman, if you don’t know, is a former revival hall in Nashville, Tennessee that for the last 100 years or so has been the spiritual home of country music. The hall itself has two levels of church bench seating in a half circle around the stage with some of the best acoustics of any venue in the US. When I read the Dropkick Murphys were playing here I jumped on getting a ticket and a flight down. Being Nashville I was real curious to see who made up a Dropkick Murphys crowd – like most places its was the seven to 70 set and if Waldo had a bushy beard and scally cap you’d never find him, but being Nashville there were plenty of trucker caps and and more then a few cowboy hats. 

So what brings a bunch of Boston Micks and the Mother Church of country music together? Legendary American folk icon Woody Guthrie is the catalyst. Shipping Up To Boston, Dropkick Murphys big breakthrough is of course a Woody Guthrie song. The Murphys were approached by the Guthrie family to put music to some of Woody’s original lyrics that had not previously been released leading to their new album, This Machine Still Kills Fascists, and an acoustic tour to support and this date at the Ryman.

Woody’s grandson Cole Quest who joined the Murphys on stage

Counting tonight I think this is my 10th time seeing Dropkick Murphys since 1999 and the first time in a few years. The line-up is very different, Ken Casey on vocals, Al Barr is not touring due to family commitments. A new bass player allows Ken to jump around the stage like a man half his age. Scruffy Wallace is gone but the main stays of Matt Kelly and James Lynch are still there. 

Tonight’s set was rocking hard despite being an “acoustic” set with nine songs from the new album that went down really well despite being unfamiliar to most of the audience. The rest of the set were old favorites with songs you would of course expect them to play – Fields of Athenry, Boys on the Docks, and Rose Tattoo (which brought the house down) and a few you wouldn’t expect given the acoustic set – Citizen CIA, Barroom Hero and Skinhead on the MBTA. No stage invasion was allowed at the Ryman in case someone broke a hip as Casey quipped though this may have been directed at his mother who was in the first row. 

Ma, I told you no stage diving

The night had two openers, The Washington state raised but Nashville based Jaime Wyatt, who played to my ears authentic old school country (her guitarist looked like a reincarnation of Blaze Foley), she was really talented but not my thing. 

Jesse Ahern from Boston was first on. Jesse was one man with an acoustic guitar that he occasionally swapped out for an electric. I’d best describe Jesse as what Springsteen would sound like if he had to work a real blue collar job for a living or Bob Dylan driving a Mac truck. Authentic blue-collar folk’n’punk with engine grease under his finger tips.

Dropkick Murphys: This Machine Still Kills Fascists

Dropkick Murphys have announced a September release for their new album, This Machine Still Kills Fascists. If the title seems vaguely familiar it’s because it’s based on the ol’ Woody Guthrie slogan. The album itself is a collection of new acoustic music set to the lyrics of Guthrie – hence the title I guess. Dropkick Murphys interpretation of Woodies’ Shipping Up To Boston pushed the Murphys into the big time and endeared them to a nation of Firemen, Bros and Soccer Moms.

This Machine Still Kills Fascists was recorded in Tulsa, OK., Woodie’s hometown, and produced by Ted Hutt (Walker Roaders). The album will be without Al Barr who is currently absent from the band due to family health issues. The Murphys will support the album with an acoustic tour in October. I’m seeing them at the Ryman in Nashville. So if you’re there, buy us a pint. 

The best of 2021

Best album

#1 The Peelers: Down and Out in the City of Saints

The best band in the whole Celtic-punk universe and another great album.

#2 Ferocious Dog: Hope

Hope is FDs breakthrough into the big time. 

#3 The Dropkick Murphys: Turn Up The Dial

A nice back to form album. No surprises but we don’t want or like surprises from the Murphys. 

#4 The Rumjacks: Hestia

Still fighting strong after the messy departure of original vocalist, Frankie. 

#5 Blaggards: Blagmatic

Blagmatic may have taken a while but it was worth the wait.

Best new band

The Dead Rabbits: 7 Ol’ Jerks

Not exactly a new band but new to Shite’n’Onions. Pure Celtic-punk.

Best acoustic solo album

Finny McConnell:The Dark Streets Of Love

I’ve always said Finny is a first class song writer.

Best Celtic-punk zine

London Celtic Punks 

Well written and always new content. The go to news source.


Best Celtic Punk memoir

Celtic Punk Superfan (Recaps & Reflections Chapbook, 2002–22)

by Michael Croland

Special shout out

Trouble Pilgrims: Blood, Glass & Gasoline

Nips’n’Nipple Erectors: Bops, Babes, Booze & Bovver (reissue)

Nips’n’Nipple Erectors are of course Shane MacGowan’s pre-Pogues second wave UK punk band. I bought Bops, Babes, Booze & Bovver originally 20 plus years ago for a lot of money when I first discovered ebay. I’m not sure of the legality of the version I bought but now the album has been re-issued on Rough Trade (300 copies on yellow vinyl) so I assume all is in order here.

The Nipple Erectors (later shortened to The Nips, probably to make the name acceptable to the powers that be at BBC) were essentially a punk – rockabilly outfit with a great sense of pop melody that released two singles during their short existence. Side-A is the Nipple Erectors side, which kicks off with the glorious punk’n’roll King of the Bop, the rocking Nervous Wreck follows (the single B-side) and So Pissed off and Stravondale Rd., N5 from the same session but not then released close out that side. Side-B is The Nips side. Private Eye is Teddy Boy rock’n’Roll dragged screaming through 1977. Gabriella (produced by Paul Weller) is a pop-punk gem and the violent Vengeance (later covered by Dropkick Murphys) is a great slab (or stab) of early punk . An early insight into the genius of MacGowan.


Shadows of Boston: Demo

Just when I thought we had lost Boston to the man bun wearing, latte drinking hipster types, out of the Dorchester section of Boston comes the Shadows of Boston to reclaim the streets. These guys are the meanest looking dudes this side of Scared for Life era Rose Tattoo . Shadows of Boston are a Celtic-punk supergroup made up of former members of  Boston Punk bands Dropkick Murphys (with bagpipe legend Scruffy Wallace himself), Toxic Narcotic (Ben Upton who is a fine according player), The Blue Bloods and S.O.B.

Shadows of Boston first release is a four song demo that harkens back to the very early days of Dropkick Murphys  and the Street Dogs – Boston street punk (though much more Celtic then the early DKM/SD – these guys have three pipers). This is a demo so the production is a little low-fi but the quality of the songs is there. I look forward to the first official release.  The demo is up on the usual streaming services.