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Farler’s Fury: Purgatory, Quebec

April 22, 2011

Despite the title, French Canada seems to seems to be quite the hot bed of Celtic punk – we just reviewed Montreal’s Drunken Dru and The Mahones have hauled ass from Toronto and are now based in Montreal though I can’t confirm if Finny is fluent or not.

Purgatory, Quebec is the follow up to the demo/CD, In Between , we reviewed here a couple of years back. I remember In Between being a strong effort with lots of solid punk rock topped with bagpipes. Real Men Wear Kilts being a stand out track on the demo. Purgatory, Quebec follows in the footsteps but its just a wee bit more punkie (in a Street Dogs vain) and way more bag pipe-ie. Great stuff and they even do one track in French just for good measure – Trimestre

Farler’s Fury: In Between

July 2, 2009

Farler’s Fury (not to be confused with NYCs Finns Fury) are a French-Canadian Celt/punk band from Quebec. The music on this 7 track CD is fast, spunky and punky with wailing bag pipes prominent in about half the tracks The songs are also split between being sung in English and French – at times I’m reminded of the great early 80s French punk/metal band Trust. Like the lead track of the CD says; “Real men wear kilts”.