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Sammy Horner: Acoustic Celtic Praisen

On this, his fifth solo outing, Electrics lead singer Sammy Horner continues in the same fashion carved out on the previous four. While the Electrics have slowly blossomed into a crack Celtic-rock outfit with declarations of faith sometimes understated, Horner’s solo albums leave little for debate. He is an unabashed Christian whose music is intended to edify and entertain the believer. That doesn’t mean that the non-believer cannot appreciate his work as he’s developed into a top-notch songwriter brimming with irresistible melodies. This album is what it is – an acoustic collection of songs of worship and praise. Several of these selections have appeared in more amplified versions on previous releases like QUAICH and T-ALLT RUADH. On this recording singer and guitarist Horner is joined by longtime Electrics member Jim Devlin on guitars and mandolin and recent Electrics addition Tim Cotterell on fiddle and all manner of acoustic instruments (mandolin, mandola, banjo, melodeon, etc.). Cotterell, incidentally, also plays with the left-leaning Tricks Upon Travellers, which must surely cause him to reconcile his beliefs in one direction or the other. Regardless, Sammy Horner and friends have created tasteful music that will hopefully appeal to those who might otherwise dismiss it as too preachy or “churchy.” As a longtime fan of Sammy Horner’s music (both solo and with the Electrics), and as one who is secure in my beliefs I am not at all hesitant to give ACOUSTIC PRAISE a categorical thumbs up.

March 2004

Review By Dave Sleger