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Burn Witch Burn: Burn Witch Burn

Maybe this is old news, maybe not. So if you haven’t heard of Burn Witch Burn, please continue to read. If you already have heard of them, give yourself a nice big ole pat on the back, and smile big like a jackass on a sugar-high, because you beat me to it. The band no longer exists. If fact this album was released back in 2000, so i’m only four years late. (Not bad, considering Shane MacGowan hasn’t released a studio album in SEVEN years!) Anyway, Burn Witch Burn hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and at the time of it’s release, it was the newest project of Rodney Linderman. (More on him later)

In this reviewers opinion, Burn Witch Burn, sounds like they have been up in the Appalachian Mountains since the 1800’s and waited for the new milleneum to come down and record the album. Picture early Americana meets Celtic flavored Gothic folk, only to be topped off by the dark, mystical vocals of Vienna Linderman. You can’t help but feel the hair on your neck raise up a notch.The mandolin playing is top notch. Actually, the entire album sounds fantastic, with only one exception. Rodney Linderman’s vocals. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… Shite’n’Onions Webzine talking smack about a band? Well, for the record, i’m not talking smack at all. I’m just explaining to you that I’m so used to the lead singers previous work in other bands. You see Rodney Linderman is probably better known as Rodney Anonymous, from The Dead Milkmen! That’s right, The Dead Milkmen. Let me go on to tell you that Burn Witch Burn doesn’t contain any lyrics about smoking bananna peels, and it doesn’t mention anything about things that only eat hippies, (Great song by the way) but that’s the problem. After listening to The Dead Milkmen for so many years, I keep expecting Rodney to suddenly go off and start talking about big lizards in his backyard. Don’t let this stop you from checking these guys out! There are some incredicle tracks on this album. It’s worth a serious look to those of you who enjoy some original music.

March 2004

Review By Brian “Bitchin’ Camero” Gillespie