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Defenestrated: Another Round…

The Pogues! There I went and said it. I knew it would be hard to review the new CD from Defenestrated without mentioning the Pogues (again!) From the first note of opener “Do As You Will…” to the closing note of the charmingly titled “Bird Shit Stained Rocks”, Defenestrated proudly nail the colors of the Pogues (again!) toothless Jolly Roger hard to the mast.

The music is a glorious, raw, drunken, riotous and chaotic tribute to the glory days of the Pogues (4 time’s) arguably greatest period, “Red Roses For Me”. So if you’re like me and wish Steve Lillywhite hadn’t cleaned up the rough edges and put the music through the studio version of the washing machine then this CD is for you. Pure raw poguetry in motion.

One complaint is that a couple of the songs just don’t work and if they were left off we’d have a great CD.

July 2002