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The Real McKenzies and The Dwarfs – Berbati’s, Portland, OR (May 5, 2002)

The Real McKenzies remind all of us how cool it is to be Scottish! Once again, these guys put on a god damn fantastic show! I remember very little, my review notes became my beer coaster as soon as I stumbled to the bar before the show! I remember writing the band names and the date on it and that’s about it! I give you this review from sheer memory! So I am sure it will be a shorty. My O my, If you have not seen these bastards before, do so now, or be damned for all eternity! The Real McKenzies put the C in Ceilidh if you ask me. They were the second act in a three-band show, and made the most of the too short set, and the too small stage. They tore up the stage in a pure Highland kind of way, with absolute chaos and mayhem, complete with kilts, a bagpipe and lots of alcohol! I think I remember that they insulted the English queen mum, praised Robert Burns, and sang about the forgotten subject of Scottish independence!! In my opinion, Berbati’s sucks for live music. And the happy hour also sucks. I tell you, mentally, the barkeep is a few beers short of a six pack, or about as bright as a burned out light bulb, or as sharp as a bowling ball, if you ask me, (Who actually is?)

Uhh, I remember the lads played “Auld Lang Syne”, “Scot’s Wha’ Ha’e”, “Mainland”, “King O’Glasgow” (My Favorite), “Wild Cattieyote”, “Bitch Off The Money”, and more, but I must apologize…. Did I mention I got shitfaced and don’t really recall much? Go see these guys right now! Get into a car and follow them from show, to show. They will spit beer at you, jump on you, flash you, insult you! And you will love it, because it’s The Real McKenzies, and they are here to remind the world that the Scottish can kick your ass!!!

The Dwarfs were the headliners, and my head was lined with alcohol by that point! Great band! They played a really good show and that is all I can tell you. Sorry!

Review by Brian “Beerbong” Gillespie