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Scurvy Bastards: Battle Born

Avast, Ye bloody landlubbers!
A desert pirate jug band, is the best way to describe The Scurvy Bastards. Playing a grip of sea “desert” shanties on various instruments such as: a Banjo, a Squeezebox, Pots, Pans, a Guitar, and a growlin’ Cap’n with a microphone in one hand and a jug o’ grog in the other. You’ve got to love this shit! The second you slap this album on, you’ll be tempted to sail down to the nearest port and pillage the loot of every landlubbin’ bastard you set yer eye(s) on! Hell, the first time I heard this album, I turned up the volume to 11, put the speakers up to an open window, and planted a giant Jolly Roger flag in my neighbors front lawn, I then rolled over a wooden barrel o’ grog, and started yellin’ and dancin’ like a drunken Scallywag. I ran into the bushes and hid like a ninja, once I saw the cop cars quickly approaching.

From my experience, this is the perfect album to quietly smuggle into a party, wait for every one to get a little drunk, and quickly throw it on in the CD player. Within 5 seconds the party will turn into a giant Pirate fest! Complete with all the “Yarr’s, Arggh’s, yo-ho-ho’s” you can handle. (costumes optional) The Scurvy Bastards are a good time kinda band. The kind of band you’d love to see live. Your elbow will be swingin’ and your drink will be disappearin’.

The cover art looks similar to Hell’s Ditch, complete with an olde nautical map. & the music is in the same vein as: The Whole SIck Crew, and early Dolomites. The Scurvy Bastards formed in 1999, in Carson City, Nevada, and before you mention the fact that Nevada is nowhere near the ocean, remember this…At one time the Pacific Ocean was much higher than it’s current elevation. So technically, Nevada at one time was at the botttom of the ocean….Okay, so i’m streching a bit. Who gives a shit, this is a great album, and all you salty dogs should get ahold of it. The current plan is to release another album in 2004, so start savin’ yer gold coins, or get a job swabbin’ poopdecks somewhere.

Blunderbuss/Jar Of Porter
Old Man Crow
Train Robbin’
Dungeon Song
Turkish Song
Surrounded By Water
Greenland Whale Fisheries
All For Me Grog
Goblin Town
Curse Of Cthulhu

December 2003

Review by “Barnacle” Brian Gillespie