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Antichrisis: A Legacy of Love Mark II

In an odd move Antichrisis has re-recorded their 1998 artistic breakthrough A LEGACY OF LOVE in its entirety on a new record label, Reartone Records. I’m not exactly sure why this was necessary as this final product isn’t measurably different from the original. But if it generates buzz and attention to this erstwhile overlooked gem perhaps it is justified. Antichrisis is somewhat of an anomaly as they combine progressive metal with Celtic-rock in a highly theatrical yet melancholy manner. The attentive listener might conclude that this album is more cohesive and consistent than the original. I try to convince myself that this mix is superior and the rearranged tracklist makes for better continuity but I’m not really sure. There is one new track called “End of December” that (in a real stretch) might remind listeners of Black 47. In any event this is a fine recording that deserves to be heard again. Hopefully this strategy will pay off for Antichrisis.

February 2005

Dave Sleger