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The GC5: Never Bet The Devil Your Head

Hey I know I just reviewed the GC5’s singles collection in the last edition, but the GC5 seem to be able to get a release out a hell of a lot quicker then I can get an update out (God bless’em)

“Never Bet…” is the second proper CD from the 5 the other released being a CDEP and the previously mentioned singles collection. While the first CD “Kisses…” showed the bands potential in songs like “City Lights” and “White Flag”. They have now captured that potential after a year and a half solid touring, playing 250 plus shows, honing their song writing skills and getting some help from the Dropkicks; Ryan Foltz in the production department. The GC5 have taken their SLF, Utters, Clash and Billy Bragg inspired punk, stepped up to the plate and are ready to swing for the best punk band in America. And with this CD I think they will hit a home run.

July 2002

The GC5: Singles Collection

This is the debut release on the new Cosa Nostra label started by the GC5 and Mark from the Hudson Falcons. Those of you unfamiliar with the GC5, they are a young band from Mansfield, Ohio who play solid, unpretentious street punk with a touch of hardcore. Reminiscent of the Dropkick Murphys before they went “Riverdance” (just joking Ken). “Singles Collection (1997-2000)” is a compilation of the bands early, now very out of print singles on Michigan’s Transparent Records, a couple of re-records of some real early stuff plus some previously compilation only tracks and a ripping cover of Billy Bragg’s “There is a Power in a Union”. The songs are loud, fast and short; 16 songs in 33 minutes. Yet as loud and as fast as the GC5 play the band never forgets the importance of the song and the hook. “Singles Collection (1997-2000)” is a good introduction to a great band and a good way to pick up those songs you won’t find anywhere else now and a great way to follow the bands growth and progression through to just before the release of the brilliant first CD “Kisses from Hanoi”.

February 2002