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Jason Webley: Counterpoint

If I could describe this album in a single sentence, it would be “It’s kind of sounds like Tom Waits, except Jason Webley vocals sounds just as rough and he is only half OlD Tom’s age, and uses an accordion, and a piano” Now, I usually write a little more than a single sentence in these reviews, so….. i’ll explain a little more about the album.

Not exactly the usual album you’d see in a Shite’n’Onions review, but I though that those of you who enjoy Tom Waits, or Shane MacGowan’s Ballads, or even The Rev. Glasseye, would be interested. (Not to mention the fact that they took over a ferry ship in Puget Sound dressed like pirates!!) This 12 track CD varies quite a bit, from some of the mellower songs like “Southern Cross”, “Counterpoint”, or “It’s Not Time To Go Yet” to some of the more upbeat tracks + My favorite ones on the album, like “The Broken Cup”, “The Graveyard” or even the very danceable “Quite Contrary” (a song that has a Mexican Feista feel to it) But the track that I enjoyed the most is “Drinking Song” (imagine that!!) If any S’n’O readers had a chance to hear any song on this album, make sure it’s the “Drinking Song” The instruments include everything from the guitar to the saxophone, or from the steel guitar to the marimba. Jason is also doing a west coast tour starting Saturday Sept 14, so check out his website for more info on tours, CD’s, and whatnot. A fine album that is actually in my CD player at the moment! ( I just checked!)

October 2002

Review By Brian “Jim Goad Rules” Gillespie