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Rocket: 7 Miles High

I didn’t think Hoboken, New Jersey was a College town, but after listening to the glorious collegian sounding power pop of Hoboken’s “Rocket” I’m now convinced Hoboken is a college town on par with Amherst or Cambridge, MA. “7 Miles High” is the debut CD from the power pop trio of Matt Azzarto (the Gefkens), guitar; AJ Lambert (Sleepington), bassist and the legendary Murph (Dinosaur Jr. and the Lemonheads) on drums along with almost forth member, producer Don Fleming (Hole, Teenage Fan Club).

Musically Rocket are highly reminiscent of early 90’s Beantown indie darlings the Lemonheads (esp. their “Shame About Ray”, CD), but with a little more oomph in the guitar and skins department plus some great female vocals. So if you’re hankering for some really great power pop, then check this out.

November 2001