Sir Reg: Kings of Sweet Feck All

Kings of Sweet Feck All, is the seventh album from Swedish/Irish Celtic-punkster, SIR REG. I’m happy to report that Sweet Feck All continues in the tradition of previous REG releases – energetic trad-punk in the vein of early Flogging Molly (for want of a comparison) – vocalist Brendan Sheehy has a singing style reminiscent of fell Dub, Dave King, while Brendan’s lyrics are pure Dublineese – something you can’t fake. 

Kings of Sweet Feck All is a great album of straight ahead Celtic-punk – fast, high energy with strong melodies across all 11 songs. Highlights include, The Coming Regime – my favorite track. The Story’s Been Told, about Dublin in the dreary 1980s (something I can attest to) and the pure Celtic-punk (and anti-lockdown) of, Open The Pubs, and, Goodbye To Your Freedom. A very recommended release.

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