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UltraBomb is comin’ your way

Punk rock supergroup Ultrabomb, featuring the legendary Finny from the Mahones, the legendary Jamie from UK Subs and the more legendary Greg from Husker Du are touring the US in May.

May 11th St. Paul, MN Turf Club
May 12th Winona, MN No Name Bar
May 13th Chicago, IL Reggies
May 15th Indianapolis, IN Melody Inn
May 17th Memphis, TN Hi Tone
May 18th New Orleans, LA The Parish at House of Blues
May 19th Houston TX, The Secret
May 20th Austin, TX Kick Butt Coffee
May 21st San Antonio, TX Paper Tiger
May 22nd Dallas, TX Three Links – Deep Ellum, TX
May 24th Tucson, AZ 191 Toole
May 25th Tempe, AZ Yucca Tap Room
May 26th San Diego, CA Corazon Del Barrio
May 27th Long Beach, CA Alex’s Bar
May 28th Las Vegas, NV Backstage Bar & Billiards (SOLD OUT)
May 29th Las Vegas, NV Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival
May 31st Denver, CO HQ (without Barstool Preachers

Continental: Hello

Hello, is the fourth (or fifth?) full-length album by New England based Continental. Fronted by Boston punk legend, Rick Barton, along with his brother, David Alex Barton, formerly of The Outlets. Rick was a founding member of the Dropkick Murphy, playing guitar on their legendary albums, Do or Die, and, The Gangs All Here. Like The Outlets, Continental is a family affair as Rick is joined by son Stephen Barton on Bass as well as drummer Andrew Dickson and Paul Yu on lead guitar. Continental play punk-influenced rock’n’roll. The Clash is an obvious influence but I hear the melodies of the Beatles, the sleaze of the Rolling Stones, and the pop sensibility of Cheap Trick along side some dirty blues guitar. Continental is a very fine band and Hello is a fine album that deserves your attention.

Pete Berwick: The Damage Is Done

I’m a long-time fan of Cowpunk originator, Pete Berwick. Now, I thought Pete’s last album, The Island, was supposed to be his last, and honestly, despite the quality songs, it was too mellow and too Nashville, and honestly, I thought he was going out with a whimper. Well, I guess I was wrong as he is back with his seventh full-length release, and out of the gate, he explodes with punk energy and redneck attitude. This is very much a return to form for Pete. Maybe the most intensive album he has ever done. For a reference point, The Damage Is Done, reminds me of Steve Earle when he worked with the Supersuckers, but louder. Peter does manage to sneak on a couple of old-school gritty country ballads and a growling gospel number for balance. Recorded in Nashville, I’m reminded of the old Kris Kristofferson song, To Beat The Devil, about a down-on-his-luck Nashville songwriter who drinks the Devil’s beer and steals his song. Well in Pete’s case, he steals the Devil’s whiskey, his song, and then kicks his ass.

The Tossers: The Tossers

I picked up the vinyl version of the new self titled Tossers album at their recent gig at the Middle East in Cambridge, Mass. There is not a lot of info on this album. I’m guessing it’s a self-finance, stop-gap release to support the bands 30th anniversary tour.

This album is a mixed bad of re-recorded Tossers classics (Aye Sir, and Buckets of Blood), some standards and a few new originals (Americay, and Irish Blood). The Tossers LP is a good reminder of just how good the original American Celtic-punk band still are. I’m super impressed with Tony Dugging channeling MacGowan at his finest on their covers of Dirty Ol’ Town and Paddy On The Railway.

The Tossers is a fun album and a great listen. Here’s to another 30 years for “The World’s Loudest Folk Band”. Cheers’ lads.

Best of 2022

Screw the Oscars, screw the MTV awards, screw Rolling Stone and the CMA, here is Shite’n’Onions best of 2022 list. The only list that matters.


A full force Céilí romp and possibly the most authentic trad sound I’ve ever heard coming out of any Celtic punk band.


 As good as anything the big boys are doing


Barney still has a voice that could strip paint at 50 feet


Their most Celtic-sounding album with an almost Seán Ó Riada style Celtic orchestration


Something you can’t fake. 


This is real blue-collar rock’n’roll with the authenticity you can only get from someone who actually works hard for a living.


 Beautiful – musically, lyrically, and sounding

Best album to piss off your neighbors with:


And on this one, the bagpipes go up to 11.

Best vanity project (just kidding) album:


Dropkick Murphys ode to Woody Guthrie

Best punk supergroup album:


Fast, powerful punk rock with great melodies, kind of like, well,…………Hüsker Dü

If there was an justice these guys would be huge album:


Back to Zero, is really great rock’n’roll and an album I suspect I’ll be listening to for a long time into the future.

Flogging Molly: Anthem

I’m not going to do a long review on Anthem as the album has been out a while and it’s got lots of in-depth reviews elsewhere. Flogging Molly had gone off on a bit of a tangent with, Speed of Darkness, but with the follow-up, Life is Good, they got back on track. I’m happy to report that Anthem keeps them heading the right direction. I will say while Anthem rocks hard it is also their most Celtic-sounding album with an almost Seán Ó Riada style Celtic orchestration (especially, The Croppy Boy ’98). There are plenty of songs here that will be in the band’s live set for a long time – These Times Have Got Me Drinking, A Song of Liberty and, The Croppy Boy ’98.

Finnegan’s Hell: One Finger Salute

I reviewed, Finnegan’s Hell’s last album, Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class, a few weeks back and it was outstanding. I now have a copy of their new one, One Finger Salute, and can happily report it’s another cracker. The band is tight, and aggressive with a great sense of melody. The songs are very strong, as good as anything the big boys are doing, while the lyrics betray a sense of humor and a touch of a drinking problem.  The album kicks off on side one with, What Have You Got in the End, which blends tin whistle and aggressive guitars with a bleak outlook on life.  One Finger Salute, is an F-U to an ex and their extended family –   I love the growling vocals here. Mickey Finn is about a bad trip and it’s a wild ride of a song -the double lead vocals are reminiscent of the Dropkick Murphys. Read My Lips, has a bad attitude and strangely reminds me of Motorhead (well if Lemmy played the banjo). Godforsaken Town, closes out side one as a hard luck barroom singalong. Side two opens with, Run Boy Run, a strong accordion-driven Celtic rocker. Comin After You, is growling Celtic-Cow-punk. I’ll make it up to you, is a frantic jig of promises that may not be true – very reminiscent of fellow Scandinavians Greenland Whalefishers. Nothing Left to Lose, is maybe my favorite track here and musically is as nihilistic as its lyrics. The album closes with the doom and gloom of Oh Death.  Overall a great album.