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Rum Runner: Association

Living somewhere in the same neighborhood as The GC5, and The Swingin’ Utters, Rum Runner make you want to pump one fist in the air, while your other hand is  busy grasping a pint glass and spilling beer all over yourself. Obviously influenced by Shane MacGowan, Rum Runner doesn’t sound like your run-of-the-mill Celt-Punk band. Probably because they aren’t your run-of-the-mill Celt-Punk band… They are a streetpunk band first and foremost, with celtic, oi, and slight blues influences hidden underneath the thick layer of  vocals, guitars, drums, and bass. (also include a little banjo, & harmonica)

Calling Calgary, Alberta home, (Fuck Tampa Bay-that puck was IN the net!) these guys have just gotten started. The best part about Rum Runner is just about everybody will enjoy their music. Punks, Skins, and even those goofy Celt-Punk-Drunks, are all invited to the Rum Runner party! Recently releasing the debut album “Association” on Long Shot Records, Rum Runner should have a bright future ahead of them. I loved the album from the 1st track, “Association” to the 12th track, “Streams of Whiskey” (Yes, THAT Streams Of Whiskey”.) But, overall my favorite track was the Nipple Erectors cover “Nervous Wreck” It sounded just a great as the original. (It even starts out with that unmistakable MacGowan laugh…you know, “KKRRRSSSHH” The one that sounds like Sesame Street’s Erine)

  Track listing :
1. Association
2. Nervous Wreck
3. Whiskey & Wisdom
4. Torn Ten Dollar Bills
5. Balls
6. Street Credibility
7. The Green Sod
8. 10.30 In The Morning
9. Dragonflies
10. Nagelbett
11. Industry
12. Streams Of Whiskey

July 2004

Review By Brian “Beer-Spiller” Gillespie