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The Surfin Turnips: Return To Turbo Island

December 16, 2009

Return……is the 3rd album (do people still use the term “album” or am I just an old fart?) from The Surfin’ Turnips, a proudly regional English folk-punk band we’ve reviewed twice previously. Glad to say that like their main musical influence The Ramones, little or nothing has changed between releases – short catchy Ramones like punk, accordion, West Country accents, and familiar folk melodies – the little that has changes is that not every song is about drinking cider (now we have fishing and sheep shagging songs) – I guess we can call the “growth”

Surfin Turnips: 20,000 Leagues Under The Severn Sea

Sometimes genius is a simple idea. Take the Surfin’ Turnips from the West Country of England (Devon and most of the south west – where people actually talk like pirates). They take familiar songs and melodys, replace the lyrics with odes to scrumpy cider, play’em like The Ramones with an accordian and of course sing ’em like pirates. Simple. Pure genius.