Hayseed Dixie: A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC

The world has heard some great cover bands, and the world has heard some awful cover bands, but I bet no one in the world has heard a cover band like Hayseed Dixie! They are the most hilarious band I have ever heard!! This is an album of hillbilly bluegrass (or boozegrass, as the band likes to call it!) musical style with an AC/DC flavor. That’s right, AC/DC- bluegrass style!!! Hell, if you say “HAYSEED DIXIE” fast enough it even sounds like “AC/DC”! When I heard this album the first time, I laughed so hard I almost shit meself! I was rolling on the ground laughing like a 12 yr old redheaded stepchild with ADD on a sugar fix! In fact I still am! I guess when the folks in AC/DC themselves heard it, they fell to their knees cracking up! The only people who should avoid this album are boring simpletons who have no sense of humor whatsoever. Everyone else will enjoy it. Them good ole boys hail from the fertile valley of Deer Lick Holler, deep up dem dar hills of Appalacia, over yonder! Even the quality of the music is top notch. It not like this band is a bunch of folks just playing a different style of music for shits and giggles, they really do know how to play bluegrass. Check out the website for more hilarious stories about the beginning of the band, and how they got to where they are now!

Track listings are
1. Highway To Hell
2.You Shook Me All Night Long
3. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
4. Hell’s Bells
5. Money Talks (just ask The Dead Kennedys about that pathetic reunion)
6. Let’s Get It Up”
7. Have A Drink On Me
8. T.N.T. (complete with fart noises)
9. Back In Black
10. Big Balls

P.S. you may be thinking this review has nothing to do with Celtic-Folk-Punk, but if you can remember far enough back, AC/DC was the first rock ‘n’ roll band to incorporate bagpipes into their music. Plus, Bon Scott, and those Young brothers were transplanted Scots living down under!

July 2002

Review by Brian “Moonshine” Gillespie