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UltraBomb to tour

Punk rock supergroup (is that a oxymoron?), UltraBomb, featuring our friend Finny McConnell from the The Mahones, drummer extraordinaire, Jamie Oliver of UK Subs and punk rock legend, Greg Norton of Hüsker Du, after many false starts are finally set to tour as well as play the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival.

May 11 St Paul Ticket Turf Club

May 12 Winona No Name Bar

May 13 Chicago Reggie’s

May 15 Indianapolis The Melody Inn

May 17 Memphis The Hi Tone

May 20 Austin Kick Butt Coffee

May 25 Tempe Yucca Tap Room

May 26 San Diego Corazon del Barrio

May 27 Long Beach Alex’s Bar

May 28 Las Vegas Backstage Bar (no Barstool Preachers)

May 31 Denver HQ (no Barstool Preachers)


UltraBomb: Time To Burn

Punk frigging rock! 

 As much as I hate the term supergroup – it gives me visions of Led Zeppelin or 80’s metal bands made up of exes and put together by some A&R guy (Flogging Molly fans check out Katmandü for a giggle). UltraBomb is a supergroup – in a good way. The punk power trio is made up of Finny McConnell of The Mahones, stickman extraordinaire, Jamie Oliver of the UK Subs, and the legendary Mr. Greg Norton of Hüsker Dü – Hüsker Dü being of course the Saint Paul, Minnesota hardcore punk band that almost singlehandedly established and defined alternative rock in America during the 1980s. 

So, give the three members, what does UltraBomb sound like? To my ears, its fast, powerful punk rock with great melodies, kind of like, well,…………Hüsker Dü, but with Finny’s distinctive vocals and Replacements-influenced guitar style – scratch any Mahones track and you’ll hear. Time To Burn, is really great stuff and despite various setbacks (canceled tours due to covid and Greg’s health), Time To Burn, is gonna EXPLODE!