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The Closet Squatters: Here We Go Again

Chicago’s The Closet Squatters are heavily influenced by the holy trinity of American Celtic punk – The Tossers, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. These influences are very apparent on their newest release, “Here We Go Again”. Songs like “Rovin’ Eye” and “Why Must Yah Leave” are acoustic Celtic rockers in the vain of The Tossers. The Dropkick’s influences can be heard in the dueling vocals of “Her and I”, ala DKM’s “Dirty Glass”. Pretty much everything is highly influenced by Flogging Molly, in fact these guys at time sound more like Flogging Molly then Flogging Molly sound like these days on “Float”.


Various Bands On Myspace.com (Part One)

A few months ago, someone told me about Myspace.com. My first thought was LiveJournal. You know, one of of those websites where you can post your horrible, teenage poetry on some blog so all your “buddies” can read them, and feel sorry for your pathetic ass, and give you a big hug in the school hallway right before math class….(Okay I’m done.) Yes, for the most part Myspace is worthless, but I’ll admit, the cool thing is you can listen to all kinds of bands, (Some good, some REALLY bad!!) that you never would have heard about. Here’s a quick list and description of some of the bands I thought are worth checking into. 

The Dirges –  I’ll admit, this is the reason I felt the need to review all these bands I heard on Myspace. You seriously need to check The Dirges out right now. To put it very blunt…They have a great fucking sound. In fact, if you decide to check out Molly Malones Pub in Hollywood. (Of Flogging Molly fame) You’ll probably see The Dirges up on stage playing some tunes. They are more or less, Molly Malones “weekday house band”. Speaking of Flogging Molly, a member of The Dirges, (Francis DeAngelo) sing backup vocals on their last album. They also opened up for Spider Stacy/Filthy Theivin’ Bastards in L.A. a few months back. Just what does this band sound like? Here’s a description form the band: “The Clash meets Van Morrison in a Irish pub. They all leave, go to Shane MacGowans house for a few pints and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!” I honestly think they sound better than that description, but what do I know! Reminds me of a young Van Morrison fronting The Low & Sweet Orchestra. Look for a big ol’ review on Shite’n’Onions soon! Consider this as a quick teaser. Have I mentioned great fucking sound yet?

The Scotchgreens – From Ketchum (Ketchup?), Idaho. The ScotchGreens are not a Celt-Punk band at all, but the majority of S’n’O readers will enjoy them anyways. From the website: “Formed in 1998 and originating from Idaho and California, The ScotchGreens blend punk rock, bluegrass, and American roots music to form a unique sound that challenges and captivates its fans. Based out of San Diego, The ScotchGreens have a reputation for high-energy shows, and play on a regular basis throughout Southern California.” 

Meisce – From Seattle, Washington. They describe themselves as: “A drunken Irish folk singer dancing in the barn he just lit on fire.” Meisce has been together since October of 2002, combining elements of Irish folk, gypsy, Eastern European klezmer, and punk rock, among other influences. We are excessively drink-friendly, and our live shows usually erupt into frenzied dancing and flying alcoholic beverages. They are in the process of recording a full-length album, and from what I’ve heard from these guys so far, it should be good. check out 

The Sharky Doyles – From the south side of the Windy City. I know they’ve been mentioned on S’n’O before, but you gotta love the way they decribe their sound: “If Social Distortion, The Pogues and the Dropkick Murphys had a three way with your little sister, the Sharky Doyles would be the little bastard that came out 9 months later.” You’ve gotta admit, that description alone deserves a listen, and when you do, I’m sure you’ll enjoy The Sharky Doyles.

The Barstool Hooligans –  You’ve gotta love the name. The Barstools some from Eire, Pennsylvania, and from what I’ve heard, they have a celtabilly punk’n’roll kind of sound. The second album should be out Fall 2005. Look for a full review of that album sometime soon.

Fighting Sullivans – Do you like the GC5, Dropkick Murphys, and lyrics influnced by Shane MacGowan and Billy Bragg? Then you’ll enjoy Fighting Sullivans. Hailing from the great state of Ohio, home of The Boys From The County Hell, The GC5, and the most horrible name in NHL hockey: The Blue Jackets (Okay second worst, right after The Mighty Ducks.)

The Swaggerin’ Growlers – If you’re a fan of The PubCrawlers, you’ll also these guys. Probably because The Swaggerin’ Growlers consist of former members of the Pubcrawlers. As a fan of big jugs, I just knew I’d enjoy clicking on the makeshift play button the webmasters over at myspace provide. Speaking of growlers, I have a few growlers full of beer in my fridge. It’s 5pm somewhere…http://thuglygoose.com/ or of course www.myspace.com/theswaggeringrowlers

Brennan’s Revenge – From Eastlake, Ohio. I’m just going to get the band do the talking…
As legend has it a man named Rick Sirl (quite possibly the sexiest man on Earth second only to the mighty Ogre…) was looking for pictures of naked tribal women in Readers Digest (he always confused Readers Digest and National Geographic) when he had a most terrific idea. 
He thought to himself “I am going to start a progressive rock band and we will be called Silly Wizard and the Lazy Geniuses!” It was a glorious event, the dawning of a new day! 
After a few hideous performances at his favorite bathhouse Rick decided to change things up a bit. He decided to play something other than progressive rock, something with a little testicular fortitude. Something like Irish influenced Punk-Country-Folk-Rock.”

The Closet Squatters – From Chicago, Illinois. Don’t ask me what the fuck a closet squatter is, because my first thought wasn’t exactly worth going into detail, but it was pretty fucking sick… The Closet Squatters sound like a nice mix of Flogging Molly meets The Kissers.

County Hell –  If you’re in Tallahasse, Florida and need a quick Celt-Punk fix, Check out the band, County Hell. They play around town from time to time. I’m not sure if they have a website up & running yet, so in the meantime, check out www.myspace.com/countyhell   So that should keep you alll busy for a while. I’m sure there’s plenty more decent bands out there, and I’m sure we jokers here at Shite’nOnions will eventually review them one way or another. So you’ve got to admit, even though the majority of Myspace users may have countless pages of shite on their collective blogs of boredom, there are also a few decent bands worth checking out, and supporting. Not maybe those bastards will send me money for all the fucking times I mentioned their site!

August 2005

Reviewed by “Barnacle” Brian Gillespie