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Fathom: Available Light

“Available Light” is the 7-track debut demo CD from Long Island’s Fathom. Fathom play what they describe as “Progressive Celtic Rock”. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this based on the description, the term progressive always makes me wince as I think of overblown, self-important, 70’s monsters in dressing gowns like Yes or ELP. This I like though, the music is much more contemporary then the progressive tag would lead you to believe. Imagine if the classic mid-eighties U2 sound was influenced by traditional Irish music or the Edge played on the Waterboys “Fisherman’s Blues” along with strangely enough a touch of “Out of Time” period REM then you’ve a good gist of Fathom’s sound (the songs are also good by the way). Recommended to fans of the Prodigal’s or anyone who ever wished Dave Matthews could do a jig.

February 2002