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Ronan O’Snodaigh: Tonnta Ro’

The second solo offering from Kila lead singer Ronan O’Snodaigh differs vastly from his 2001 debut TIP TOE. That album was resplendent in its swirling and rich melodies. While rhythm is always key to O’Snodaigh’s music, it wasn’t the driving force of TIP TOE. This album, however, is a rhythmic affair with virtually no lasting melodies to speak of. O’Snodaigh’s passionate yet monotonous vocals coupled with his percussive accompaniment create an omnipresent and droning rhythm that is inspirational and tiresome all at once. The fact that this album was sung entirely in Irish Gaelic (TIP TOE was sung in English) adds to the mystery and complexity of this recording. This is clearly an acquired taste that could either leave the listener begging for more or refusing to finish the serving on his plate.

February 2005

Dave Sleger