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The High Kings: Friends For Life

May 5, 2014

In our almost 13 years of operation this is the first album we’ve ever received with a return address from Sony Music (or any other major label in fact)! Now it would be very easy to take snotty potshots at The High Kings (staring with the ageing boy band cover shot) but I won’t. I played the album a good few times and it’s very good for what they are trying to achieve – polished Irish ballad AOR aimed at the American mass market. These guys have a lot of talent both musically and vocally and why wouldn’t they with the serious folk music genes they have going on – Martin Furey (vocals, banjo, bouzouki, guitar, and the modern low whistle) is the son of Finbar and Finbarr Clancy (vocals, guitar & banjo) the son of Bobby. The High Kings have made the bold step of including originals along with the various Irish standards (Galway Girl, Peggy Gordon & McAlpines Fusiliers) which I always salute. Personally I like my Irish ballad groups with dirt under the fingernails, nicotine stains on their fingers and beer spilled on their white shirts.

To be seen on PBS soon I guess but I’ll take ‘em over Celtic Woman any day.