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Cruel Seamus: The Irish Wake of Cruel Seamus

December 5, 2009

With a name like Cruel Seamus and former members of Ceann I was expecting “The Irish Wake of Cruel Seamus”  the new release from the New York area based Cruel Seamus to be a little jokey (at least). It’s not!  The former members of Gael Force and The Rising obviously have the steering wheel. That said the music here is strong melodic Celtic rock (not punk) with the emphasis on the fiddle as the Celtic weapon of choice. And that said! And with diversity our greatest strength (or so we are told) Cruel Seamus have experimented a wee bit with rap – the in your face “Irish pride” and the ska-ish “Beauty of your Creation” and regga-ish “3000 miles”. Long may the experiments continue.