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The Bad Things: The Bad Things

Holy shit! That dead accordian just breathed on me!

A few years ago, I noticed The Reverend Glasseye were playing a gig in Portland with The Dolomites. I looked at the showbill, I noticed the opening band were called: “A Midnight Choir” I had no idea who they were, so I decided to get a closer inspection and show up early. Based on my obervations, I came to this conclusion: Imagine Edgar Allen Poe picking up a squeezebox instead of a pen. Imagine if “The Raven” was an album instead of a book. Simply put, but pretty much sums up “A Midnight Choir” Turns out that gig was The Choir’s last show. Eventually, members of “A Midnight Choir” joined other bands such as: The Wages Of Sin, Moonpenny Opera, The Circus Contraption, and The Bad Things.

The Bad Things pretty much pick things up where “A Midnight Choir” left off… Imagine if Nick Cave’s little brother found a time machine & became a member of some house band at a funeral home in the late 19th century. That might actually be the case, I dunno ,but if the end of the world come tomorrow, The Bad Things, would be the ones pointing, & giggling saying something like: “Die, die die, Ha-ha! We told you so!!! Ha-ha!” with enough old fashioned black humor to poke a dead dog in the guts with a stick…

The Bad Things debut album came out in 2004, and according to lead singer Jimmy “the Pickpocket” the album is kind of dated, They have a new album coming out soon, with plenty of new band members, so look for a second review in the near future. In the meantime, if you’re looking for junkyard polkas in the graveyard at midnight, look no further. The Bad Things have dug up the remains of all the Gypsy-folk Klezmer bands in the graveyard, set them a blaze, and danced around the fire singing some alcoholic hillbilly rave-up about dust, death, and the devil!

1. Ashes
2. The Longest Bar In The World
3. Drinking My Devils Away
4. Devils Riding Crop
5. Lucky Man
6. Town Square
7. End Of The World Polka
8. Twilight
9. Long Black Train
10. Death Of The Inferno
11. Ochi Chyormie (Dark Eyes)


Review By: Brian “Bone Yard” Gillespie