Jesse Ahern: Heartache and Love

If you scroll down a little bit on main shite’n’onions page you will see my review of Jesse Ahern opening for the Dropkick Murphys in Nashville late last year. After seeing Jesse live I got my mitts on his three full-length releases. Heartache and Love, being the latest, hence the review. Live, Jesse is one guy, a guitar and harmonica. On vinyl, it’s Jesse plus a band, a big frigging band with a full brass section. Heartache and Love, is raw old-school American rock’n’roll – if you look closely at the picture on the back of the sleeve you see Jesse is playing some Bo Diddley. In addition to Bo Diddley and the Rolling Stones whose, Salt of the Earth, he covers, Ahern tips his head to Dylan, Waits, and Strummer. This is real blue-collar rock’n’roll with the authenticity you can only get from someone who actually works hard for a living (cough, cough, not you Springsteen.)

Fuck streaming

Fuck playlists

Fuck todays pop

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