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Transsylvanians: Igen!

IGEN! Is the fifth release by this Berlin based folk-rock band. This self-described “Hungarian speed folk” group combines many elements toward their unique sound. A rhythmic punk intensity is matched by Eastern European compositional stylings and catchy melodies. Rapid-fire electric rhythm guitar generally dictates the mood of each piece and is accentuated by accordion, gypsy violin and relentless bass and drums. Stylistically they resemble the Ukrainians and vocally, the Transsylvanians bring to mind the contemporary Finish vocal group Värttinä. Suffice it to say, this band relies as much on traditional sounds as contemporary, but fuses them in a way that will especially appeal to listeners of alternative folk and folk-punk. Igen! was one of the most pleasant surprise releases of 2004.

February 2005

Dave Sleger