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Tempest: 15th Anniversary Collection

This three-disc set is for fans of Celtic-rock in the classic sense. It is comprised of one disc each devoted to studio, radio and live recordings. The “studio” disc is disproportionately weighted toward Tempest’s early and more pedestrian period – their pre-Magna Carta recordings, prior to them adopting the prog tendencies that have made them frequently compared to Jethro Tull, Horslips and Fairport Convention. The “radio” disc contains broadcast interview outtakes and songs recorded live in radio studios in promotion of the respective CD release. This disc is a bit more up-to-date and may be of more interest to fans of the progressive Celtic-rock that Tempest is now synonymous with. And finally the “live” disc is most reflective of this band’s current likeness despite their high turnover of band members. If a three-disc CD seems a bit of a risky purchase to sample this band then try THE GRAVEL WALK or BALANCE for starters.


Review By: Dave Sleger