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Black 47 Tribute

We’re very excited at Shite’n’Onions castle to hear that there is a Black 47 tribute in the works. The tribute is being compiled by lead Gobshite, Pete Walsh and will be digitally  released on the Valley Entertainment label. Contributions so far include:

Screaming Orphans

Gary Og 

Celtic Cross

Bangers & Mash


Pat McGuire

Rory K

Martin Furey

The Jonee Earthquake Band


Mary Courtney

and those Gobshites

Larry Kirwan’s Celtic Invasion

April 28, 2013

I’ve said this before have experience putting together compilation albums – it’s not easy. It isn’t a job of slapping a few ol’ track on a disk and pressing. The music and the tracks have to flow and complement each other, so hats off to Black 47’s Larry Kirwan for a fine job. The idea of this compilation is to showcase various bands that Larry has featured on his Celtic Crush show on Sirius XM radio. The comp has a nice mix of Celtic tinged acts – most more radio friendly then the stuff we do at Shite’n’Onions. We have some big mainstream names like Hothouse FlowersRunrig and The Waterboys with a phenomenal live version of “Savage Earth”. There is Black 47 themselves with Uncle Jim, Shite’n’Onions fav’s Blaggards (no The) with an almost metal version of “The Irish Rover” and a classic blast from the past in Pat McGuire’s, “You’re So Beautiful”. The rest of the album is given to showcase some fine less established banks like BarleyjuiceCeltic Cross, Peatbog Faeries, Garrahan’s Ghost’s and Shilelagh Law.

Celtic Cross: Shores Of America

I remember these guys playing around The Bronx in the mid-90’s, so I was surprised to find out they are still around 14 plus years later. I was also surprised by their sound. I had figured they would be a more edgy Celtic-rock similar to the bands who were playing around the scene those days – Black 47 and Rogues March. They are not. I would liken them more to melodic rock meet full force céilí – Cherish The Ladies might be the closes comparison – the . If your looking for the next Flogging Molly CD this probably isn’t for you, but if your looking for beautifully play melodic Celtic rock with an amazing female vocalist in the personage of Kathleen Fee and thought full lyrics on the New York Irish American experience then this might be just the one.