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The Rag & Bonemen, The Wages Of Sin, Rum Rebellion – Portland, Or (May 18, 2007)

I did something I rarely do nowadays… I went out on a Friday night. You see, work wise, Fridays kicks my ass so bad, I usually go straight home like an old man, but not this time. There was no way I was going to miss this gig, so with that being said, on with the review… Considering the nautical element of the bands involved, the neighborhood for tonight’s gig was fitting. The Mt. Tabor Legacy, is located smack dab in the middle of Portland’s Bermuda triangle. (There’s so many bars in this area, the odds of ever leaving are not in your favor!) Rag & Bonemen start the show off with those haunted folk-punk tunes they do so well at. Rag & Bonemen played some new songs, and some classic ones from their recent EP. (BTW, When’s that full album due?) It’s a shame their set was so short, because I was just warming up, the damn house lights came on, which of course was followed by a mad dash to the bar, and next thing you know, The Wages Of Sin are setting up, and like Rag & Bonemen before them, I was seriously impressed. Their stage presence was full of energy, their delivery was amazing, and quite honestly, The Wages Of Sin flat out kick ass. I can’t wait for their new album. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, try and catch them live. Up next, was Rum Rebellion, I think I have seen them over a dozen times, and I can honestly tell you, they keep getting better, and better! They already have a number of new songs, and are probably spending every waking moment writing new material. By the end of the night we were a drunken mess, and things got a wee bit hazy. I must admit, I feel quite lucky to be living in an area full of great folk punk bands.

This is a good thing to be surrounded by.

Review by Barnacle Brian