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The Bloody Irish Boys: Auld St. PATRICK

May 10, 2011

Remember the Bloody Irish Boys? Its been a long time between releases – 6 years in fact since their somewhat controversial debut came out. Way back when myspace was king, the BIBs were kings of myspace with something like 50,000 friends – though there were a few voices raised that the BIBs were not a real band more a one man bedroom band that sounded way too close to Flogging Molly for comfort. Despite the criticism Drunk Rock was a very fine album.

So, 6 years and lots of things have changes – myspace is essentially dead, the Bloody Irish Boys are a real touring band (SXSW this year) and they don’t sound that much like Flogging Molly anymore – but that’s cos’ based on what we’ve heard of the new Flogging Molly album, Flogging Molly don’t sound like Flogging Molly anymore. So, if you’re looking for fast, guitar and fiddle driven, old fashioned Celtic punk Auld St. Patrick won’t disappoint.

Various Artists: Paddy Rock Radio Volume 1

First of all hats off to Paddy Rock Radio’s John Bowels for putting this comp together. As someone who has put together a similar project I know what’s involved in pulling everything together and believe me it can be a major pain in the ass. Chicago based Paddy Rock Radio is a peer Shite’n’Onions and a long time supporter of the Celtic/Punk scene. Paddy Rock Volume 1 is a celebration of the shows 5th anniversary  and is a collection of both classic and new Paddy Rock. Some of the the music on offer here will be very familiar (The Peelers, The Prodigals, Greenland Whalefishers and The Mahones) and some stuff is new even to me. The new bands to me that I loved and now want to check out further are Flatfoot 56 (bagpipes and hardcore), The Killigans (Flogging Molly like with feeling and great vocals), Switchback (Reggae’n’Irish).

Full band list: Flatfoot 56, The Peelers, The Bloody Irish Boys, The Killigans, Jackdaw, The Go Set, The Mahones, Switchback, The Prodigals, Greenland Whalefishers, IceWagon Flu, The Scuttlers, The Broken Shillelaghs

August 2005


The Bloody Irish Boys: Drunk Rock

BIB are a “band” that managed to cause a lot of controversy and piss off more then a few people on the strength of the track “Drunk Tonight” that they circulated as a mp3 prior to releasing “Drunk Rock” – the big piss off factor was that it was maybe just a little to close to Flogging Molly’s “Swagger” to be a coincidence. Now while the rest of the CD is still hugely influenced by Flogging Molly and SoCal punk (“My Wicked Ways” is a little to close to something of the Mike Ness solo CD whose title escapes me) there is nothing else that can be stamped with the rip-off accusation, and in fact everything is highly listenable (even if the traditional instruments are electronic studio creations) and top quality.  So let’s give the guy (BIB are basically a one man show) a break and some encouragement and support and remember nobody in this scene is truly original and even  the mighty Flogging Molly have been accused of lifting from others – remember “Another bag of Bricks” and the riff from “Swagger” itself sounds like it was lifted from Slade.

February 2005