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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: A Jacknife To A Swan

Boston’s hometown boys the Bosstones (F**k Aerosmith, who are really from New Hampshire- Jeeze I wish those guys would do us all favor and retire, they haven’t even managed to co-write a decent song since “Pump”) are back after a couple of years that would have split up mere mortal bands. The MMB’s were dumped by their label after much corporate shenanigans and the disappointing sales of 2000’s “Pay Attention” along with the departure of longtime guitarist and Dickey’s songwriting partner Nate Albert. Both have been suitably replaced, Mercury/Def Jam/Island with happening major-indie Sideonedummy (home of Flogging Molly) and Nate with Lawrence Katz, who certainly has picked up the Bosstone writing knack.

This is a much stronger CD then “Pay Attention” and much dirtier, gruffer and a lot less radio friendly then 1997’s “Let’s Face It”, but still with that original mix of Ska, Reggae, Punk and Hardcore and proud Boston roots that makes the MMB’s so special. Something certain to please longtime fans and win some new ones. It certainly pleased this fan.

July 2002