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The best of 2021

Best album

#1 The Peelers: Down and Out in the City of Saints

The best band in the whole Celtic-punk universe and another great album.

#2 Ferocious Dog: Hope

Hope is FDs breakthrough into the big time. 

#3 The Dropkick Murphys: Turn Up The Dial

A nice back to form album. No surprises but we don’t want or like surprises from the Murphys. 

#4 The Rumjacks: Hestia

Still fighting strong after the messy departure of original vocalist, Frankie. 

#5 Blaggards: Blagmatic

Blagmatic may have taken a while but it was worth the wait.

Best new band

The Dead Rabbits: 7 Ol’ Jerks

Not exactly a new band but new to Shite’n’Onions. Pure Celtic-punk.

Best acoustic solo album

Finny McConnell:The Dark Streets Of Love

I’ve always said Finny is a first class song writer.

Best Celtic-punk zine

London Celtic Punks 

Well written and always new content. The go to news source.


Best Celtic Punk memoir

Celtic Punk Superfan (Recaps & Reflections Chapbook, 2002–22)

by Michael Croland

Special shout out

Trouble Pilgrims: Blood, Glass & Gasoline

The Dead Rabbits: 7 Ol’ Jerks

Honestly, I don’t know too much about The Dead Rabbits except that they are from Texas and they seem to have been around since about 2009. I’m guessing they are named after the infamous New York Irish gang rather than a deceased bunny.

The vinyl version of 7 Ol’ Jerks which I’m reviewing is a mini album i.e while it plays at 45 RPMs they manage to squeeze in an impressive nine songs.  

Side A opens with the pure hardcore of “A Mic, A Band, A Pint, A Fan”. The Pogues’ “If I Should Fall From Grace With God follows” in a hooligan plays bluegrass style. “L. Elaine” the first original is great aggressive Celtic-punk with strained vocals from the appropriately named Seamus Strain. “Fr. McGregor” is Dropkick Murphys meets classic Blood or Whiskey in a brawl in the confessional box. Side A closer “Danny Boy Medley” is more fast Celtic-punk that swings from “Danny Boy” to “My Bonnie” to “The Gambler” to “You’re Not The Boss of Me”.

There are 4 tracks on the flip side opening with the aggressive yet catchy Celtic-punk meets Americana “Train Song” which rolls into a bruising “Leaving of Liverpool”. “7 Ol’Jerks” is very Dropkick Murphys-ish. The side closes with a powerful cover of The Cranberries “Dreams”.

 I’m very impressed with the whole thing. Here is a band that is as aggressive as hell but never loses that sense of melody while they make a huge racket. Now I need to track down their back catalog.