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Dicey Riley: TPA

Everyone has their local Irish rock band in their area that they would go see every week down at the pub to drink and dance with. Everyone also has their favorite bang around sweater that they wear when they are hung over sitting around the house wishing your head would stop pounding the songs you sang the night before. Just as you wouldn’t present your beat up old sweater down the runway of a fashion show, you should’nt really try and make the local band a star.

This band based in Northampton MA has always had their problems, way too much drinking, screwing up lyrics, falling off beat and looking all out of sorts during their sets, but enough about the fans in the audience we are here to review their CD TPA, or Ten Penny Ale. Dicey Riley has been around for years in the club scene in Western Mass and this is their second real effort in recording. Unfortunately for all of us it is rocked out Trad songs. These are fun songs while you’re drinking in a bar like O’ Driscoll’s in Wilbraham, however stuck in rush hour trying to get out town, the last thing you wanna hear is Mike trying to belt out Cockles and Mossels.

Why would any band commit musical suicide like this? Free studio time, this was a commissioned CD for The Olde Burnside Brewery in east Hartford CT. As I remember it, Bob the owner was interested in more traditional music than originals. So boys and girls this is what you get when you sell out. Lasers do nothing to compliment this bands talents, in fact I believe they sound so much better in person that this CD should be relegated to the plastic paddy pile, go find their “No Pardon from the Pope” EP. At least that contained more originals, although the production quality was not as good as what was on this one.

I am sorry Dicey faithful this CD is their best sounding CD technically, however I need like twelve beers to listen to this thing and even then I still will be wanting for something more. Everyone plays well and there is almost enough bagpipes for me, but it is not a good representative CD to the bands talents and live acts. It was done for one reason and one reason only, beer promotions. Maybe next time guys.


Review: Therover413