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Lady Godiva: Zooperation

With the exception of groups like early Mahones, the Skels and the extraordinary Greenland Whalefishers, perhaps the finest posthumously Pogues-influenced act is this German septet, Lady Godiva. On this, their fourth release, they’ve continued their quest for a more guitar-heavy sound but not at the expense of their Irish folk affinities. Their duo-electric guitar attack is complimented nicely by mandolin, banjo, accordion and tin whistles, and other than “Peggy Lettermore” and “Springhill Disaster” they’ve written all of the songs here, most in quite convincing fashion. No small feat for a band that only a few short years ago experienced great difficulty utilizing the English language effectively. Lead singer Andreas Beckman’s German accent is quite obvious, which is to be expected, but it doesn’t hinder the listening experience in the least. While this album is highly recommended to those who enjoy Irish-influenced rock & roll, it is also recommended that one purchase Lady Godiva albums in descending order, being particularly mindful of the fact that their debut Whisky You’re the Devil contained some dubious English usage. That said, their earlier records were arguably rawer sounding and more “pub-worthy” than their 21st century releases.

March 2004

Review By Dave Sleger