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London Celtic Punks have put together a 20 track digital album of unashamed Irish rebel songs. For full details and access to the free album go to London Celtic Punks.


The Gentlemen  – Come Out Ye Black And Tans

Templars Of Doom  – H-Block Escape

The Gobshites  – Give Ireland Back To The Irish

In For A Penny  – Easter Mourn

The Tan And Sober Gentlemen  – Follow Me Up To Carlow

Black Irish Texas  – Join The British Army

Tullamore  – Mairéad Farrell

Sons Of O’Flaherty  – The Fields Of Athenry

The Dead B-Specials  – Take It Down From The Mast

Auld Corn Brigade  – Broad Black Brimmer

Hudson Falcons  – 6 + 26 =1

The Lucky Pistols  – God Save Ireland

The Larkin Brigade  – Sean South From Garryowen

The Fisticuffs  – Young Ned Of The Hill

O’Hamsters  – Erin Ga Bragh

Kilmaine Saints  – Go On Home British Soldiers

Jasper Coal  – The Merry Ploughboy

Drunken Fighters  – The Big Fella

The Bleeding Irish  – The Uprising

St. Bushmill’s Choir  – The Foggy Dew

Larkin  – On The One Road

Jasper Coal: Drowning the Shamrock

December 5, 2013

Birmingham, Alabama is not a place I think of when I think of Celtic-rock’n’punk, if I was to think of a genre it would be dyed in the wool Southern-rock. Jasper Coal has changed that musical association for sure, for sure. Named after the coal mining town of Jasper in central Alabama a big destination for Irish immigrants in the 1800’s the six piece take their inspiration from the legends of the Irish in the mines of Jasper. Jasper Coal play big, solid Celtic rock rooted in their local traditions with strong fiddle work from Kevin Nicholson inter-playing with the piping of Ryan Morrison and the rowdy barroom brawl vocals of Ian Hoppe.