Auto Interiors: No Frill Halo Flight

If the music of Motley Crew sound’s like they actually did spend all their High School days “Smoking in the Boys Room”, then I suspect the collective members of Auto Interiors were the guys hanging out in the chemistry lab, mixing up chemicals that maybe shouldn’t have been mixed, trying to create something explosive. “No Frill Halo Flight” from Boston based 5 piece Auto Interiors is truly an explosive combination of styles that would not usually be found in the normal mix of things (a So-Cal Beach Boys pop feel mixed with Garage, Brit-Pop, a touch of Pink Floyd and some of the best riffing this side of Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi). I suppose if I had to compare them to one “name” band it would be with the very brilliant That Petrol Emotion and TPE’s best album “Manic Pop Thrill”.

So if you have a appetite for excellent trashy guitar based (with farfisa organs!) indie pop with want to be the coolest kid on the block (NME won’t pick up on this for another three months) they you won’t been disappointed.

November 2001