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Brine & Bastards: Set Sail for Sodomy

June 9, 2009

Yo ho ho – punk and piracy from Clifton NJ. While Clifton is not really a place I associate with buccaneers – Celt punk’s who can drink for 3 seconds (The Skels) yes, but scallywags? Nope. Brine & Bastards have changed my impression of this gritty suburb of NYC forever with “Set Sail for Sodomy” (nod to The Pogues in that title) with their Captain Morgan inspired punk rock – lots of catchy ’77 style punk meets Green Day meets Jack Sparrow. Less folkey then the west coasts Wages of Sin though you can hear banjos, accordions and the kazoo(??) in the mix. As infectious as a good old dose of scurvy (I assume scurvy is infectious. Right?).